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Check it out now! Over ten years of stunning photos of the coolest custom bikes from around the world, the wildest women in the chopper scene and all the other interesting characters that have participated in Willie's Tropical Tattoo's Old School Chopper Time Show!

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Welcome to my world by Chris Gibbany

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Check out this Blown Flatty in the new issue or Renegade!

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Freak Shows!

Freak Shows date back to as early as the 16th century, with collections of the unfortunate and the deformed. Dwarfs, conjoined twins, bearded ladies and other assorted genetic oddities have been presenting the macabre to the public for ages. Having been shunned from society, freaks were perfect targets for ridicule, persecution and exploitation. Unscrupulous promoters would recruit these unwanted and place them in the Freak Shows to travel from town to town, entertaining the curious. People would gather to shriek and howl in delight and horror. Not all performers were “natural” born freaks with genetic deformities. Some were performance artists with unusual talents such as fire eating, sword swallowing and full-body tattoos. If you find yourself anywhere near Gibtown FL you have to stop in and check out the Gibtown Circus museum, that’s where I got a lot of the photos in this spread...

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Cover Model Cyn Vicious

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The Art of Tim Heir

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Check out our own 3rd annual Sturgis Rat Rod Invasion Show

Our third annual Sturgis Rat Rod Invasion held at the Sturgis Iron Horse Saloon was a good time as usual. 

Sturgis SD is basically in the middle of nowhere, so no matter where you are coming from it’s a drive to get there.  The distance did not seem to matter as it did not stop any of these hardcore car guys from making the trip.

There were almost as many bikes in this year’s show as there were cars, so it gave the public a good variety of unique old iron to check out.

Thanks to all that came out for this year’s show!

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Michael Lichter presents the Buffalo Chip's Old Iron Young Blood art show

Every year at the Buffalo Chip they have an art & photography exhibit, curated by the legendary motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter.

This year’s show was focused on the younger generation of bike builders and artists.

The “Old Iron & Young Blood - Motorcycles as Art” exhibit was filled with some really cool old school bikes of many different flavors.  Some were built to mimic the traditional old school chopper style popular in the 60’s & 70’s while others took it to a whole other level. 

Despite their young blood, the fabrication and painting skills were as good as any veteran builder. 

The walls were also lined with motorcycle themed art and photography produced by some of today’s young artists and photographers.

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Rats in Red Lodge Montana

Rat rods invaded the annual Cruisen Red Lodge car show...  For those of you who don’t know, Red Lodge is a cool old western town with a Main St. that just screams Americana!  Red lodge is located just below Bear tooth Pass in Montana.  Every year they host two events starting with a bike rally and then the weekend after they have the Cruisen Red Lodge Car Show.  Typically all you would see at the show is shiny paint jobs and chrome glistening in the western sun, where they all line up and down Main St. 

But this year’s show had some rust and crust variety to add to the mix!  Joe from Joe’s Garage and the gang from Billings Montana were invited to bring in the rat rods for the show.  And that is what they did... They packed the place full of rusty relics and wild rides, along with some vintage gas pumps and other rusty decorations, adding a little spice to this year’s event to keep it fresh.

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Building of the Zombie Apocalypse Renegade Mobile Command Unit

Check out the Renegade Mobile Command Unit in Renegade issue 38

DIY aka Do it yourself…..  Personally I don’t really know any other way. One reason is I can’t really afford to hire professionals or buy something off the showroom floor, yet even if I could, I would rather have something that I know is built well and is not so generic. So when my girl and I decided to upgrade from my van to a larger vehicle like an RV, I convinced her that I could build us a better RV than we could buy.  I’m not sure she was all that convinced that I could do it, but she took the leap of faith and let me run with it anyway.

Honestly I wasn’t 100% sure how well it would turn out myself, since I have never done anything like this before and I have no real carpentry skills to speak of.  But I believed if I had the right tools, enough time to work everything out and the funds to purchase the materials required to complete the project that I could pull it off!

Ventura Nationals Pictorial

Photos by Derek Caballero 

Renegade Magazine - Edition 37

In this issue we have more from the Renegade Zombie Apocalypse Tour, with two of our own rat rod shows, our 7th annual Church of Chop - Rusted Turkey Ratrod Revival, and our 3rd annual Daytona Ratrod Invasion, plus Willie's Tropical Tattoo's Chopper Time Show - Bike Week, Easyrider Road Show and more cool bikes and rods to drool over.

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Willies's Tropical Tattoo - Chopper Time Show - Bike Week 2017

I don’t know what more I can say about Tropical Tattoo’s Chopper time show! Honestly I can’t even remember how many Chopper Time shows I’ve been to over the years, probably most of them. All I can say for sure is twice a year Willie Jones owner of Tropical Tattoo put on one of the coolest damn bike shows in the world! So all I guess I can say now is... THANKS WILLIE!!!!

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