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Renegade Magazine's 7th Annual Church of Chop - Rusted Turkey Rat Rod Revival & Old School Chopper Show!

Saturday Nov 26th 2016 - Renegade Magazine's 7th Annual
Church of Chop Rusted Turkey Rat Rod Revival & Old School Chopper Show!

Call Family Distillers

I recently had the chance to tour the Call Family Distillery. I was invited by Aaron Brown, owner of The Car Shop and builder/driver of the worlds fastest rat rod not to mention all his other accomplishments. He introduced me to the family, who were very gracious and informative about the history of moonshining.

The Call Family Distillers distillery is located in Wilkesboro, NC on the banks of the Yadkin River. Known in some parts of the world as Hell’s Half Acres - Call Section is a place that was once home to some of the toughest individuals in western North Carolina.  It was due to the high volume of illegal whiskey production in this area that led federal revenue officers to dub Wilkes County, NC - The Moonshine Capital of the World.

To see more check out the full spread in this issue of Renegade Issue #34

The Zombie Apocalypse Tour Continues!

Arizona Bike Week 2016

This being my first trip to Arizona Bike week, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been going to so many rallies lately that are really more vendor fest than bike rally. It was a truly refreshing change of pace to attend a rally that was more than just a bunch of vendors in a parking lot.

The best part of the whole event is tit’s location, set in the beautiful scenic deserts of Arizona

Kiki Airbrush Customs

Check out Kiko Airbrush Customs a little shop in the desert. Click here to view full story.

Willie's Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Show - Bike Week 2016

Willie's Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Show - Bike Week 2016 - Click here to view more in this issue of Renegade Magazine Issue #34

Bernadette Macias

Check out Renegade Angel & cover model Bernadette Macias in this issue of Renegade Issue #34 Click here to view the full spread.

Cadillac Dreamin

Check out this sweet bike built by Mike Grover, one of the winners of the Daytona Rat Rod Invasion II, click here to view the full story in this issue of Renegade Issue #34

Motorcycle House

Gear up at Motorcycle House for all your riding gear needs! Everything from helmets, saddlebags, riding apparel to top name brand tires for your scoot.

Welcome to Lowell

Lowell/Bisbee is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been, from a photographer’s point of view the scenery is just amazing. Cruising the main street of Lowell is like stepping back in time, old vintage cars and trucks parked up and down both sides of the street, all in various states of repair from rusty relics to pristine vintage chariots set against the rustic backgrounds of this old western town. 

Lowell is a photographer’s paradise! It is said to be one of the most photographed streets in America.

Zombie Apocalypse Tour - Daytona Rat Rod Invasion II 2016

Check out more from the Zombie Apocalypse Tour 2016 - Daytona Bike Week Rat Rod Invasion II
in the new issue of Renegade Issue #34 May/June
Click here to view more!

Flat Outta Hell

Also in issue #34 we have this bad ass 1948 Dodge D24 owned by Joey Balich of Kingpins


Once again Kev-Marv Productions started off the season with its Northeast Motorcycle Expo held in Boston MA at the Seaport World Trade Center, covering 15 thousand square feet, making it the largest indoor New England show.

1939 International Rat Rod Truck

"Ever since I was a child, I just started pulling them apart and making them faster, adding shiny parts and seeing how I could make them look different than everyone else’s. I always wanted something totally unique."

Alien Monoliths

These strange alien monoliths appear to have been strategically placed to line up with the sun at the dawn of the winter solstice and are also an exact representation of the Airstream star cluster.  They can be found on the side of the road just outside Lakeland, FL off Interstate 4. It is believed by ancient alien theorist that this is a site of many alien abductions and pagan rituals...

Bellair Plaza - Daytona Beach FL

Most shows and events are planned and organized, but every now and then they just happen on their own. This is the case for the annual gathering of hot rods and car fans twice a year at the Bel Aire Plaza parking lot on A1A in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Twice a year thousands travel from all over the East Coast to attend the Daytona Turkey Rod Run and the Spring Rod Run.  As a result, many of the attendees gather each night at the Bel Aire Plaza to just hang out and show off their cars and meet others who are there to do the same.

It all started because many of the Rod Run participants were staying across the street from the plaza at the La Playa Resort.  Simply by default, the parking lot became a car show all on its own and has grown into a must attend event for many.

7th Annual Rumble at Ralph's

Near the heart of the city, residing among the weathered industrial buildings in Worchester, MA, the Rumble at Ralph’s show provided pre 1964 Rodz, Kustoms and bikes a place to sit.  Ralph’s Diner served up its famous burgers and chili to attendees as well as cold beverages for the unusually hot day not so typical of New England at this time of year.  Many got sun burned soaking in the epic traditional hot rod and bike culture,while taking a few breaks to cool off in the era themed diner with a history all it’s own, as all the glistening metal kept motoring in.

Renegade Magazine's 6th Annual Church of Chop Rusted Turkey Rat Rod Revival & Old School Chopper Show!

It’s hard to believe this was our 6th annual Church of Chop Rusted Turkey Rat Rod Revival!  It was by far the largest turn out ever!  We had to turn over 100 cars away this year.  Of course I wish we had room for everyone, but the Iron Horse Saloon was not built for car shows, it’s a biker bar after all. But being the Renegade’s we are, we thought it would be a cool place to have a car show and it seems that everyone agrees with us. The Revival has become THE place to be on Saturday night after the Turkey Rod Run.