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This years Sturgis Rat Rod invasion show almost didn’t happen! Last year we held the first show at the Broken Spoke Saloon campgrounds. Unfortunately, since that time, the venue was sold to Michael Ballard of Full Throttle Saloon fame. Leaving no more Broken Spoke saloon in Sturgis and leaving me without a venue to put on the show. With no one really knowing what was going on with that deal, I was left with no place to put on the show. So I was not planning on doing one this year, but as the fates would have it, I got a last minute call from the people at Iron Horse Saloon in Sturgis asking me if I was interested doing a rat rod show there…


I finally made it all the way to California for the Born-Free show! Being a first timer, I wasn’t sure what to expect? Also it being in California, I was kind of expecting a sea of hipsters wearing skinny jeans, and delicately manicured beards...but to my surprise, it was mostly gearheads, cycle freaks and a few hippies and hipsters here and there. Everyone there was sure to have a good time! You could feel the energy in the air and the laughter of tall tales in the wind…


The so-called Hollister riot was an event that occurred at the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)-sanctioned Gypsy Tour motorcycle rally in Hollister, California back in 1947, July 3 to 6 ... Where one of the most iconic images of the motorcycle culture and of the event was taken. It was a staged photo of a drunken biker sitting on a motorcycle surrounded by empty beer bottles, forever changing the way the average American viewed the biker lifestyle and biker culture. The Outlaw image was further enhanced by the movie The Wild Ones, starring Marlon Brando…


The Definition of the Chopper show held at Chadwell Metal works welding and machine shop, with the help of custom painter Rusty Nash. The way these guys live their lives, along with all the other chopper freaks that were in attendance, are the living embodiment of the definition of the chopper…


This was my fourth trip to Sturgis SD for their bike week festivities, but it was my first Buffalo Chip experience! Anyone who has ever been to Sturgis will tell you if you have never been to the Buffalo Chip then you haven’t been to Sturgis!


I am a firefighter by trade but grew up around body shops, my father put a welder in my hand around age of thirteen, a few minutes and I was hooked

I saw a picture of a ratrod on a website about five years ago and quickly became interested in building my own. I wanted something different; I didn’t want a full on rat but wasn’t interested in a street rod either…

Welcome to my World by Chris Gibbany

WOW!  I can’t believe this year is almost over.  There are so many things going on in my part of the world.  First and foremost, I got my ‘73 Rallye Challenger back, painted flat black!  I have been driving it everywhere and loving the crap out of it.  It is the first time I have ever had a car that I can just wash with a rag, using Dawn dish soap, rinse off and GO!  I am really digging it.  I may never paint another car with clear-coat again…


Truth be told, I built this motorcycle by acquiring one part. I got that part a long time ago, way before I even saw this 1942 Big Twin Flathead in my shop. It was a Fairbanks-Morse Magneto off an XLCH. I had it on the shelf for years. Some people like Magnetos, some people hate Magnetos, and I’m the guy that thinks they are an awesome piece of antiquated science you could ever throw on a motorcycle…


1999, After spending 15 years surviving the streets of LA, Miami, NYC, Chicago, I was pulled over in Atlanta GA USA , and charged 2 counts of possession of cocaine and was sentenced to 5 years in a super max federal prison.

While locked up in my cell for 23 hrs a day, I decided when I got deported back here to Canada I would join the other team, and become a Fireman, or a Medic and start a family and try to give back to society for all that I have taken from it over the years supporting my endless drug habit and committing unspeakable crimes...

Old Fashioned Shovel Love!

One of my first memories of growing up in my little piece of paradise-New Smyrna Beach Florida was meeting a beautiful girl named Kathi she was in my older brother Steve Tyler’s class. Well that was in 1966 and 50 years later we are still the best of friends . She is being mentioned here for the accomplishment of hanging on to her 1967 generator Shovelhead motorcycle since 1980. She has never ever considered selling it and she never will. 

She has a 25 year old wonderful son Danny. Danny has down syndrome . He and his mom are loved by many. She is also notorious for the last 7 years of commanding first place trophies at the one and only OB’S Shovel Pan show. I just thought I would share this little love story for all of you who regret selling your first bike, at least we know one thing for sure that 67 Shovel-queen Kathi has and always will stand by her bike.

Story by Vanessa Lynn

Throwback Thursdays at the Kenda Drive-In

For the last five months Gabe and I have been hosting “Throwback Thursdays” at the Kenda Drive-In, one of only three Drive-Ins left in the state of Arkansas.  Even though I grew up only 15 miles from this particular Drive-In, my life took me in different directions and I never took the time to visit a Drive-In.  I have to say with all of the old classics and hot rods, it was REALLY something to behold.

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