Renegade Magazine - Edition 37

In this issue we have more from the Renegade Zombie Apocalypse Tour, with two of our own rat rod shows, our 7th annual Church of Chop - Rusted Turkey Ratrod Revival, and our 3rd annual Daytona Ratrod Invasion, plus Willie's Tropical Tattoo's Chopper Time Show - Bike Week, Easyrider Road Show and more cool bikes and rods to drool over.

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Willies's Tropical Tattoo - Chopper Time Show - Bike Week 2017

I don’t know what more I can say about Tropical Tattoo’s Chopper time show! Honestly I can’t even remember how many Chopper Time shows I’ve been to over the years, probably most of them. All I can say for sure is twice a year Willie Jones owner of Tropical Tattoo put on one of the coolest damn bike shows in the world! So all I guess I can say now is... THANKS WILLIE!!!!

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Blurred Lines...

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Renegade Magazine's Sturgis Rat Rod Invasion III

Welcome to my World... by Chris Gibbany

OMG, my life just keeps changing and getting better all the time! So much has happened in the last few months that I can hardly keep up with it! I guess the most exciting news is that we are going to be riding “The Long Road” on our vintage bikes to The Smokeout in North Carolina this June. The ride is leaving from Eureka Springs, just 45 miles from us. We considered riding the first leg of it to Van Buren, Missouri. As things started progressing, pretty soon we were riding ALL of it, all 1000 miles of it!

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Renegade Magazine's 7th Annual Church of Chop - Rusted Turkey Ratrod Revival!

Welcome, welcome brothers and sisters, welcome once again to Renegade Magazine’s 7th annual Church of Chop Rusted Turkey Rat Rod Revival! A place where rust is king and where the music and the girls really swing! Where the righteous pay homage to the all mighty combustion engine, in all its glorious forms! All hail the combustion engine!

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Where legends are born... When you hear the word Easyrider, it conjures up classic images of the American rebel, riding free across the great American countryside, chasing dreams and living free... The American dream and freedoms are now just a reflection in our rearview mirror... As we rush toward our own destruction...

The Art of Luciano Sanchez

My name is Luciano Sanchez. I was born in the south of Spain in a city called Granada in 1977. Ever since I was a very small boy, I always had a pencil in my hand. I spent my days drawing which led me to have great trouble at school, so I left school as soon as I could. When I was old enough, I bought my first bike and rode it through my country while working with some local art galleries. I received some awards for painting and got the chance to represent young artists from Granada in 2007 at the European Parliament (Brussels). I thought my two passions were completely separate and only a few years ago when realizing I could merge them, I decided to resume my studies at the University of Fine Arts at the University of Granada... Click here to view the whole story.

Not just another neighborhood bike show. Midwest Motorcycles have been putting on one of the coolest antique bike shows for the past few years at the Beaver Bar in Ormond Beach. Everything from pristine vintage classics to well worn old school chops lined the field from one end to another. Mixed in amongst the many spectators were vendors peddling their wares. If you’re in town next year, drop in and grab a cold brew. Be sure to check out all of the cool bikes and good people. 

Kick it 


When we first started changing Goldwings, we were building baggers. About four years ago they weren’t selling well, so we decided to chop them and start the “War Birds”. After these bikes are done they only weigh around 435 pounds. We shipped the first one we built to China. Overall we have built around five “War Birds” but we have also tried a few different themes, such as “Made in America” and another one we dubbed “Super Bee”. The “Super Bee” themed one went to a guy in Orlando that works in the Special Effects section of Disney World. We are finishing up on a “War Bird” that will be going to California and another one that is headed to Poland.

Renegade Magazine Edition 37 - Moon

My name is Peter Ström and I am 54 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a few bike builds behind me – I built my wife’s FXR trike, a Sportster chopper for myself and a Sportster bobber with a lot of engraving for my daughter. Every one of them has been well appreciated and each one has appeared in a number of magazines around the world. With this build I wanted a Drag Racing/Hot Rod style so it was obvious to ask Håkan at MOON Sweden for help with parts. Let’s face it, who’s more associated with Drag Racing/Hot Rod than MOON. The whole bike is built around the legendary aluminum oil tank from MOON.

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Renegade Magazine's 3rd Annual Daytona Rat Rod Revival!

Despite the threat of rain, there were plenty of cool rusty rat rods, hot rods and a few cool old school chops on hand for this year’ s Rat Rod Invasion III at the Broken Spoke Saloon Daytona held during the word famous Daytona Bike Week.

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Coming Soon! Renegade Magazine Edition 37

It's Official, Renegade Magazine's Zombie Apocalypse - End of Days Tour is coming back to Sturgis for the 3rd annual Sturgis Rat Rod Invasion! Saturday August 12th @ The Iron Horse Saloon - Sturgis.

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In this issue of Renegade, issue #36 we have more wild event coverage from the Renegade Zombie Apocalypse Tour! More Kustom Kulture from coast to coast, including Daytona Biketoberfest with the Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Show, the Texas Lone Star Rally, the Myrtle Beach Fall bike rally “Strange encounters”, plus we also hit up some home town shows including Florida's Indian River Rumble put on by the Florida chapter of the Derelicts CC, and the 17th Annual Hot Rod Reunion held at the Mo-Kan Dragway, the oldest continuously operated drag strip in the state of round out the events. 

Also for your viewing pleasure we have a really bad ass Shovelhead by Müller Motorcycle, and more Rat Rods and Rusty Relics for you to drool over in the High Plains Drifters spread! And more Kustom Kulture and more stunning Renegade Angels, from the Renegade Zombie Apocalypse tour! 


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