Creepin' Cadavers Interview

Rotting Corpses and Concrete Shoes ….the HIGH VOLTAGE HEARTBEAT of the CREEPIN CADAVERS!

Article: Scott Fisk/Studio 669

Out of a DEVIOUS town in Massachusetts known as ARKHAM comes one of the most vicious, “out for fresh blood” bands to hit the Northeast…the band in mention? ….the“CREEPIN CADAVERS”.

I came upon this band in question on total accident…at a hot rod show..go figure. Their music is maddening, so maddening that if you drop one of their cd’s in your car stereo you’re guaranteed to have bruises on your forehead from smashing it against the steering wheel.. They also claim no responsibility if you get a speeding ticket…

“3 pieces” is all they need when on stage. As a spectator down on the floor you are most certain to have your ears bleeding, your nose bleeding…and anywhere else that can bleed….bleeding…(well its happened to me anyways). On stage they are quite the show, off stage they are very charismatic and genuine…and yes, very professional.

So sit back, grab that glass of jack and read on.

RM: What got the band started in the scene?

CC: “We've all been playing our instruments since we were just little cadavers; however Jeff is the only member who has actually been trained in guitar. He studied classical guitar for a few years. Jeff and Al were in a horror punk band and Scott was in a different band of the same nature. As luck would have it both bands broke up around the same time. Scott picked up a King Double Bass (ELECTRIC LIME GREEN) and called Jeff and Al with an idea of something different. Soon the fearsome three some were jamming out old rockabilly tunes such as Eddie Cochran, Elvis and more. After putting their horror punk twist on things the Creepin’ Cadavers were born and soon released their first CD "Welcome to Arkham" after only 3 months of being a band!”

RM: The inspiration behind the band?

CC: “We each have different inspirations...
Al's drumming is greatly inspired by the swinging sounds of Kurt Sodergren, with the originality of Nate Young and the punk rock beats of Adam Carson and a ton of others… too many to write.
Jeff, on the other hand grew up idolizing classic rock guitarists like Jimmy Page and Angus Young. However, his rockabilly guitar influences

are greatly inspired by Brian Setzer. Although, for the past 10 years Jeff has had a bit of a man crush on the guitar playing of Chris Cheney.
Scott's biggest double bass influences have to be Vic Victor, the great Kim Nekroman and Sting. All in all, The Misfits and The Damned are probably the biggest reasons Scott is playing music today.”

RM: Does the band belong to any cool organizations…kicked out of any states?

CC: “Al owns his own production company, "Kirby Productions" and we all sort of help out. He has a degree in digital filmmaking and will shoot and edit anything from music videos to feature length films and more. We've been kicked out of quite a few bars for playing too loud, spitting on the ceiling, taking off our clothes and walking on the bar. We almost got arrested on tour in Texas by the border patrol at 7 am because the drug dogs wouldn't stop barking at our van.”

RM: Coolest gig that comes to mind?

CC: “I would have to say the “Double Down Saloon” in Las Vegas. One of the coolest dive bars we've ever been to. All the way across the country and people went nutty for us! It was great plus in Vegas you can rock and party 24/7 there is no “last call” so we had a lot of fun. Try the "ASS JUICE" and "BACON MARTINI" you are in for a treat.”

RM: Where does the band see itself in 5 to 10 years?

CC: “Hopefully we'll be touring the majority of the year whether it be the US or Europe or wherever people want us. We love to play and we love inspiring people with new ideas. If we can live off of touring and playing our music then that’s what we want to do.”

RM: Europe and the U.S. sound cool, but where can we find you now?

CC: “RENEGADE readers can find us all over the country, however it would be easiest to find us somewhere in New England. We play everywhere and anywhere we can. Be it a giant concert theatre or a tiny dive bar, if there are people willing to hear us rock our undead hearts out we are willing to play!”

The CREEPIN CADAVERS have melted many brains, they’ve even inspired me to bust out my yu~ka~lay~lee and wax paper/harmonica on occasion, though I keep the beat like a cracker. Check out this “Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream meets Chocolate Cadaver Blood Blast with extra NUTZ!” band. Their latest album out now is called “THE LAST RIDE”…bring a cushion for the steering wheel, or use the air bag…your choice!.. And hey, if you’re a “gamer”; then listen to their krushing music featured in the video game “WET” from Bethesda and A2M for Xbox and PS3.


You can visit the Bastard Sons of Psychobilly on Myspace/CreepinCadavers for tour dates and locations. SO GIT OFF YER ASS and check them OUT!

* RENEGADE disclaimer* No animals or corpses were harmed during this interview.