Tinker Tales - Unmentionable

From the jacket: “Tinker Tales Unmentionable” is a collection of previously unpublished short stories celebrating magic and motorcycles. Tinker is the son of an absentee Irish Gypsy Dad and a Scottish Mother, raised poor and turned out on the streets after his Mother’s death in his early teens.

All alone in the world, he becomes a trader in “IRON PONIES”; only to become entangled in magic. Somehow he survives a sorcerer’s apprenticeship to Magic John, a notorious gutter-mage (detailed in previous collections: “Tinker Tales” and “Tinker Tales Untold” voted Fiction of the year and book of the month respectively by motorcyclesfiction.com) yet trouble and temptation still lurk around every corner.

As his travels unfold, Tinker falls for a witch and hazards a dysfunctional future; encounters crop circles and generally has to ride for his life! “Ride along with him a few miles, and remember the magic.”