Renegade Magazine's 5th Annual Church of Chop Rusted Turkey Rat Rod Revival & Old School Chopper Show!

Our own 5th annual Church of Chop Rusted Turkey Rat Rod Revival was the best one yet! I even managed to stay relatively sober this time! No black outs and waking up at a friends house not knowing how I got there! Nope this time I was able to pace myself and make it through the whole day and even the after party that night. I have to say I’m not an alcoholic, by any means; it’s just that at these events every one wants to buy me shots! It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it! For the past two years we have had to turn cars away because there is just not enough room at the Iron Horse Saloon to accommodate all the wild rat rods that come from all over the east coast, from Florida to Maine. So we are looking into possibly finding a new location for next years show.