Welcome to my world by Chris Gibbany

WooHoo, I am super stoked!  I just got the tins back for my Panhead from my friend and painter Jim Crabb and they are AWESOME!  Oh and get this- he did it for FREE!!!!  I have to say that I was so overcome with excitement when he brought my Charger home that I almost cried.  When the truck and trailer came up the driveway with my bright Green Go paint job, the black spoiler on the front and the Go-Wing on the back, I literally thought I might pass out!  I am super happy and appreciative with not only his work on this job but his willingness to throw in a freebie.  A lot of people don’t want to do work for me since I am a perfectionist because they don’t want to disappoint me.  I can honestly say he has never disappointed!