Old Fashioned Shovel Love!

One of my first memories of growing up in my little piece of paradise-New Smyrna Beach Florida was meeting a beautiful girl named Kathi she was in my older brother Steve Tyler’s class. Well that was in 1966 and 50 years later we are still the best of friends . She is being mentioned here for the accomplishment of hanging on to her 1967 generator Shovelhead motorcycle since 1980. She has never ever considered selling it and she never will. 

She has a 25 year old wonderful son Danny. Danny has down syndrome . He and his mom are loved by many. She is also notorious for the last 7 years of commanding first place trophies at the one and only OB’S Shovel Pan show. I just thought I would share this little love story for all of you who regret selling your first bike, at least we know one thing for sure that 67 Shovel-queen Kathi has and always will stand by her bike.

Story by Vanessa Lynn