Rats in Red Lodge Montana

Rat rods invaded the annual Cruisen Red Lodge car show...  For those of you who don’t know, Red Lodge is a cool old western town with a Main St. that just screams Americana!  Red lodge is located just below Bear tooth Pass in Montana.  Every year they host two events starting with a bike rally and then the weekend after they have the Cruisen Red Lodge Car Show.  Typically all you would see at the show is shiny paint jobs and chrome glistening in the western sun, where they all line up and down Main St. 

But this year’s show had some rust and crust variety to add to the mix!  Joe from Joe’s Garage and the gang from Billings Montana were invited to bring in the rat rods for the show.  And that is what they did... They packed the place full of rusty relics and wild rides, along with some vintage gas pumps and other rusty decorations, adding a little spice to this year’s event to keep it fresh.

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